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The Change From ARNP To APRN

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

After many years of studying and developing an APRN model for the state of Kentucky, the Kentucky Board of Nursing has implemented the first steps in bringing Kentucky more in line with the national model, which is endorsed by more than 40 regulatory, professional and accrediting agencies.  The reason for the changes is facilitate consistency in education, licensure and certification of the APRN role. By adopting this model the goal is to ensure public safety and improve access to safe, quality APRN care.

Beginning January 10, 2011 the legal name for an “Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner” (ARNP) will change to “Advanced Practice Registered Nurse”, (APRN). In addition, the license number will change to a 7-digit number. The number will start with a three (3) followed by the number of zeroes (0) that brings the license number to 7 digits. Also, the letters at the end of the number will longer be used.  For example, if an APRN’s number is currently 1234P, it will now be 3001234.

All APRN’s will be instructed to start using the new number and

title effective January 10th. This information can be validated via the Kentucky Board of Nursing website at In the future, there will be further implementation of the APRN model…which will include participation by employers, educators and practicing APRN’s. However, the only changes initially will be those mentioned above. To view the entire national APRN Model Consensus document go to: 23 08 Conensue APRN Final.pdf