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Coventry/Aetna Merger and CHA update

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Aetna acquired Coventry Health Care, Inc. on May 7, 2013. As a combined company, they are now the third largest health care benefits company in America based on membership. They serve an estimated 22 million medical members in the U.S. and around the world, and have started to fully integrate the two companies. Coventry Cares of Kentucky, (a KY Medicaid managed care organization), was also part of this merger. For now there will be no change in the provider enrollment process, benefits administration or claims processing. However, as integration continues new updates will made available on the Aetna website.

Also, CHA (a division of Humana in Kentucky) will no longer have active membership accessing their networks in Kentucky as of 6/1/2013.  As such, they will no longer contract new providers or continue making credentialing updates for changes that occur after 5/31/2013.

If clients have questions about any of these commercial payer changes, please feel free to contact the Bluegrass Credentialing office at 859-744-0263.