KY Medicaid RFP

Many providers across the state are beginning to receive letters from various Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s), who are bidding on the KY Department of Medicaid Services managed care contract.  As you may know, the KY Medicaid program is moving away from a Fee-For-Service delivery model to a statewide Managed Care program. In doing so, the Finance and Administration Cabinet recently released a Medicaid Managed Care “Request for Proposal” from qualified MCO’s.

There are several companies which are bidding on this contract. So far, providers have seen letters from Amerigroup, Wellcare, Optum Health and Coventry….but there may be more to come. These MCO’s are sending out applications and/or non-binding “Letters Of Intent” for each provider to complete.  This is a proactive way for these MCO’s to have an idea of how many providers they might have enroll for their network, (should they win the Medicaid contract), as well as provide them some “leverage” in the bid process.  Although it has not yet been determined how many MCO’s will qualify for this contract, Medicaid will be attempting to choose an MCO(s) by July 1, 2011. After this time, Medicaid will begin phasing in qualified members to the chosen MCO(s).

The decision of whether to take the time to submit a “Letter of Intent” for each provider, to each MCO is totally up to each practice. In this case there is no right or wrong answer. After the contract is awarded there will be an opportunity for providers to enroll with the MCO(s) who will be managing the KY Medicaid program. However, some companies are telling providers that if they fill out the Letter of Intent their enrollment will be given some “presedence”.  For more information about the Medicaid RFP, please go to: